Burton Backpacks

Burton backpacks are the right choice. The diversity of Burton backpacks satisfy all different preferences, both men and women and all ages, to go skiing, traveling and walking to school…The backpacks are designed perfectly. You will feel comfortable to carry this backpack.

For those who are active and love winter sports, Burton backpacks are always the first choice. The design helps you keep everything you need. Burton backpacks are designed to be suitable for carrying skateboard and accessories, laptop, phone…

Burton 2 School Backpack Collection are designed specifically for students with shoulder harnesses, waist strap …, you will find it very convenient for carrying all the books.

Two popular sizes are 22L and 26L (some other sizes are: 10L, 12L, 18L, 20L, 21L, 25L, and 30L). Many colors and fashions to choose from. Some are designed to uphill traction that you should be aware to choose from. Some designs are not sufficient number of pockets if you want to separate items in the backpack.

Burton is the world’s largest brand of snowboard and also the first company producing this product. The main products include snowboards, backpacks, and accessories such as ski helmets, body armor, ski boots, clothes … Starting from 2003 Burton allows some companies to start selling online, provide more convenience for customers. Before that customers have to buy at the local store. And now you can buy products from many different online stores.